About the game

In Save My Face you can upload your photo and be part of the game! A funny action game, featuring YOU! Play 8 clever and funny mini games with your customized character. Unlock original costumes as you go and try to get the highest score. You will also collect coins in each game which you can then use to buy swag and special disguises.

Go downhill on skis but watch out for the barbwire! Free fall down a castle filled with deadly spikes. Or roll on a speeding wagon but don't hit the rocks or goat ... yes GOAT! Jump as high as you can on soapy bubbles or get chomped by something big and green. Cross the road and avoid the fast cars. Avoid the sharp saw spinning too close for comfort! Flap your bird wings on a unicorn joyride but don't get hugged by the enormous grumpy cat. And finally stay on the conveyor belts and avoid the toxic barrels or you'll burst in radioactive fluid!

Yeah ... that's pretty much it!

✔ Upload an image of your face and be the game character!
✔ Tap or swipe to avoid being killed!
✔ Unlock special costumes and create funny disguise combinations!
✔ Try to survive as long as you can and share your score with friends!
✔ Buy special costumes!
✔ Collect coins!
✔ Share with your friends!
✔ Buy coin packs to customize your character faster!
✔ Remove ads for a small fee. (We know they're annoying but hey, they help create great games!)